Coach Patrick


"Defense wins championships."

As a player, Coach experienced playing at all three levels of the defense as a Strong Safety in college and the NFL and as a Linebacker and "part-time" Pass-rusher in the CFL. This unique experience of playing the game in these very different positions has increased his understanding of defense as whole and helped to make Coach successful as a Defensive Coordinator. 

Additionally, Coach Patrick credits all the superb coaches with whom he has had the pleasure of working. He truly believes that he has learned valuable lessons from each and every one of them. 

"The game of football is one that can bring out the best and the worst in those dedicated to success in this arena. It may arguably be the most demanding sport in terms of mental and physical strain. This goes for coaches as well! Becoming efficient and productive as a football coach at any level is a skill which carries over into any and all parts of life."
- Coach Patrick

Some of the outstanding coaching staff at Chaparral in 2011


Winning the 2005 State Championship with brother, Garin on hand to help...

Congratulations after a big play!

Having a little fun...
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